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The Gym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Fitness Facility

Nov 22

If you're looking for a Gym in Philadelphia, PA., then check this out! We offer fitness classes like boot camp and yoga to help increase your strength and flexibility. Our gym has everything from weight machines and free weights to cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. And we have personal trainers in Philadelphia that will come up with an exercise plan specifically tailored to you!

Our goal

Gym Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is to provides a fitness facility that enables you to achieve your goals. We have a wide array of classes and amenities available for all members. Whether you are looking for weight loss or simply want an alternative workout, we will help you reach your health and wellness goals.  Gym Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a wide array of classes available for all members. We have an intense workout that will help you reach your health and wellness goals! Our other popular class is Yoga, where our participants can improve flexibility and relaxation.

What we do

Gym Philadelphia Pennsylvania, provides a fitness facility for many people. We also know how important it is to stay healthy and get exercise (most of the time). Gym in Philadelphia will help keep your body fit and strong while helping the mind too. There are classes available such as Yoga and Pilates, so getting into shape has never been easier or cheaper than ever! Why not try something new?  Gym in Philadelphia provides everything you need to get healthy, stay fit and gain strength. Gym in Philadelphia has excellent classes for all fitness levels, whether your first time or already an expert. Gym Philadelphia does not want you to be intimidated by the thought of starting a new workout routine which is why they make sure their members feel comfortable at every step along the way! Gym in Philadelphia wants everyone who comes through its doors to have fun while working out because that will help them stick with it longer than ever before! Join us today and see what we can do together.

Why choose our gym?

That's easy. We strive to offer our members the best customer service, equipment, and amenities possible at a price you can afford. Gym memberships are not just for people who want to get fit! Gym membership includes things like towel service, access to all of our treadmills, ellipticals & spin bikes - plus more! Our gym offers many different fitness classes, including yoga, barre class, and strength training classes! We have group fitness options and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, which will help increase your heart rate in an efficient amount of time while burning fat throughout the workout session. Have kids? No problem! Gym Philadelphia has childcare services available, so parents don't need to worry about their kids while working out!

Our gym is open 24/seven, meaning we're here whenever it's convenient for you to work out. We have lots of different types of equipment and group fitness classes available as well - this means that there's always something new coming up if working out gets boring! Plus, since our staff consists of great personal trainers who know how important motivation is when trying to stay on track with getting healthy, they'll be right there to help you!

G-Strength (Kensington)
2041-55 Coral St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
(267) 310-1011