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5 Tips To Manage Stress

Feb 16

5 Tips To Manage Stress

By Massage Mesa


Our mental health has a significant impact on our physical well-being. Stress can cause us to lose our energy reserves and reduce our immunity. You should take the time to unwind your emotional and mental tensions when you feel stressed. The best way to feel alert, strong, and capable is to slow down your mind. You can boost your immunity by reducing stress. Here are some tips for letting go of tensions.


Mindfulness Exercises

Try taking a few mindfulness breaks throughout your day to help release stress. Open your eyes and notice where tension is. Slowly, with your awareness, you will go through each body part one at a time, relaxing and releasing. Breathe. This takes just a few minutes, but it will have a significant impact on your health and well-being. Try creating your own ritual to help you take regular mindfulness breaks. Light a candle and enjoy relaxing music or incense. Shankara's aromatherapy blends are specially designed to stimulate the mind and promote deep meditative states. Massage Mesa is a partnership with Shankara. They offer a range of aromatherapy blends to enhance any massage and encourage deep relaxation.

Relax with Massage

If we aren't grounded, we are more likely to feel overwhelmed and stressed. We need to find our feet again in order to stop our racing thoughts. Massage is one of many ways to do this. Massage Mesa's experienced massage therapists can help you select the most beneficial massage technique to benefit your health and provide a safe and supportive environment for you to let go of any stress. Regular massages can make a big difference in our ability to regain and maintain our inner strength, and balance. A massage is essential to our well-being. Many traditions recommend that self-massage be done at least every other day. This is a great method to preserve the benefits from your professional massage, even if you don't visit us often.

Focus On Breathing

Stress affects our breathing which can in turn influence and reduce stress. Alternate nostril respiration is one of the best techniques for calming the mind. This is an extremely powerful tool for stress management. You can find instructions on alternative nostril breathing techniques in this video created by The Art of Living.


This is a simple, yet powerful way to reduce tension in your body. About 10 minutes will be needed for this, where you won’t be interrupted. Start by getting up and standing or sitting down. Your body will release tension if you close your eyes. You might feel the sensation of swaying and contracting. You may start to yawn, which can be an indicator that tension is leaving your system. As stress gets released, your emotions will most likely rise. Watch as these emotions rise up and are released in waves. Afterward, you can rest for as long as necessary and then get up again. It will amaze you at how light-hearted and rejuvenated you feel. For those who have difficulty getting into their bodies, you can listen to music that is close to your heart. Stand with your eyes closed. Bend your knees slightly and begin to bounce gently. This will help you connect to and feel the inner workings of your body.

Invite Restorative sleep

For better sleep, you should avoid electronic devices at night for at least one hour. This will allow your mind to unwind. You can listen to relaxing music, stretch, or take a warm shower. Whatever helps you relax and let go of the stresses of the day. You can ground yourself and calm your mind by drinking turmeric milk and massaging your feet with essential oils.

The following 5 tips can help relieve tension and improve mental, emotional, as well as physical health.


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