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A Top-Rated Couples Marriage Retreat

Aug 17

If you are a marriage veteran, you have probably developed a monotonous routine over the years that has left you and your partner dissatisfied with the marriage. You may also have problems that have not been resolved over the years. If you are really looking for a rescue mission to save your marriage, a Couples Weekend Retreat Therapy can be exactly what you need. 

At An Affair Of The Heart, we provide you with an opportunity for an intensive refocus on the needs of your relationship. At our retreat, you can put into practice tools for rebuilding lost connection and trust. You will also leave the retreat with multiple experiences and benefits.

Time Away

A couples’ retreat gives you time away from your normal routine in which your relationship has been stuck. Unlike traditional, which usually requires one hour every week, Couples Marriage Retreats dedicate a few days to your relationship. At An Affair Of The Heart, you will continue to interact and stay in the moment of vulnerability and revelation. 

You will also be in a space that focuses on growing your relationship. When you commit to a Couples Therapy Retreat, you mutually agree that your marriage is a priority. Therefore, you both work in a safe environment to rekindle your romance and grow yourselves. 

Learn Vital Relationship Skills

There is no doubt that communication is vital in any relationship. Communication can be completed verbally, directly, non-verbally, and indirectly. Either way, couples have to stay in constant communication. Whenever a relationship starts getting tarnished, communication is always the effective solution to bring things back to normal. 

Most couples complain that they don’t know how to listen well and they don’t feel heard in the relationship. If you are dealing with these issues, enrolling in a Couples Therapy Weekend at An Affair Of The Heart can guide you into healthy communication practices. We can teach you the rules of communication that enhance proper boundaries and fairness. 

Rekindle the Spark

When you stay in a relationship for too long, it is hard to remember why you were in love in the first place. This is due to the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship. At An Affair Of The Heart, we will engage you and your partner in intensive work. This work is usually deep, revealing, honest and life-changing to your relationship. 

By the time the Couples Retreat is finished, you will have learned how to reinvent your entire relationship.

An Affair Of The Heart

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