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The Most-Trusted Intensive Therapy Retreat Center to Transform Your Life

Jan 2

We all like to enjoy life. But with unresolved trauma and other mental health issues, life can be a struggle, and achieving goals and enjoying life will be challenging. So you need to find ways to address trauma or overcome those psychological issues, like depression, dragging you behind. You should try an Intensive Therapy Retreat, and you will see an improvement in just a few days. Intensive Therapy Retreats is one of the leading mental health retreat centers you can count on to get your life back on the right track. Here is what sets us apart.

Our Team Is Trained and Experienced

To overcome trauma and start a new life, you should go to a treatment center with well-trained, certified, and experienced therapists and counselors. At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we have the best therapists and counselors, led by Dr. Bambi Rattner, all waiting to help you live a fulfilling life. You should plan to attend our upcoming Retreats For Depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Our team will give you 100% attention during the private counseling sessions, and you will leave the retreat as a new person, ready to move on with life. 

We Are Honest, Compassionate, and Passionate

We know that you have been going through a lot over time. Some traumatic incidents like sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and others can leave you with wounds that take time to heal. But you can change the whole story and get reenergized to face life and its challenges. During our Therapy Retreats, you will spend time with trained professionals who are passionate and compassionate. The team is also honest and will make you feel comfortable. We aim to help you heal and rebuild your life.

Our Therapy Retreats Are Very Affordable

When you go for regular counseling services, you will spend a lot of money. The sessions will likely take months or years. But when you come to our 5-day Mental Health Retreat, you will spend much less money compared to weekly counseling sessions. You will save money and get significant results in just a few days.

We Will Stand with You Even After the Retreat

Another advantage of coming to Intensive Therapy Retreats is continued support even after the retreat. We stand by our clients and keep in touch with them so that whenever they need help, we will be there for them. We will walk with you until you live a better life free of depression and other psychological issues.

Intensive Therapy Retreats
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