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Electro-Muscle Stimulation Suit in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Oct 8

The Electro-Muscle Stimulation Suit in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey is a great way to get your muscles back into shape. The suit works by sending electric pulses through the body and stimulating muscles. This helps people who have muscle atrophy or other problems with their muscle strength. If you're looking for a solution that will help you regain your independence and improve your life, then this suit might be right for you in Berkeley Height!

What is an Electro-Muscle Stimulation Suit and how does it work?

Electro-muscle stimulation suit in Berkeley Heights. Electro muscle stimulator or Ems Suit therapy is a non-invasive pain management technique that has been used for decades to relieve discomfort and enhance the performance of athletes from various sports across the world. It can help you recover faster after workouts by stimulating muscles throughout your body at varying frequencies and amplitudes, which triggers neural responses that apparently reduce your perception of fatigue during physical activity.

Who should use the suit and what are its benefits?

The suit is great for people who are on bed rest, have a prosthesis, or have hand immobilization. This can be worn by anyone from children to adults and even pregnant women. It provides users with the ability to experience motion without actually moving their body parts. The stimulation helps promote blood flow while also preventing muscle atrophy which leads to a weight loss of muscle mass in some cases when you're immobile long term. This product allows patients that may not otherwise get the benefits of an EMS Suit Berkeley Heights to do so at home safely and easily!

Benefits of EMS suits 

The benefits of Berkeley Heights EMS Suit suits are numerous. First, for anyone that’s worn a brace or cast to prevent movement and protect against an injury, you know the discomfort associated with it. Wearing these braces is necessary to facilitate healing but they can be painful because essentially your muscles have atrophied from disuse while in the brace/cast. EMS fitness Berkeley Heights provides an external stimulus that causes muscle contractions without putting pressure on injured areas allowing blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body which speeds up recovery time naturally.


How to purchase an EMS suit 

There are many different places to purchase an EMS Suit Berkeley Heights. However, it is best advised that you speak with your trainer on where they believe the suit would be most beneficial for you and if this is worth purchasing or renting. A few locations include: Some people may prefer to rent a suit because of budget constraints; however, there are also some possible disadvantages in doing so including not having access during times when the facility happens to be closed (due to holidays or renovations), needing additional time during peak hours, etc. Renting can range anywhere from $75 - 100/month depending upon location and availability.

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