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How to Identify a Bad Private Trainer

Jul 17

Hundreds of private trainers in Philadelphia, PA are advertising their services, but you should note that not all trainers are created equal. To help you find the right trainer in, Philadelphia we have shared a list of signs of trainers you should stay away from. The list will help you find an ideal private trainer in Philadelphia who is equipped to support and empower you to become fitter and healthier.

Suggesting or Selling Supplements

Suggesting or selling supplements is a huge problem and the most glaring issue with private trainer Philadelphia. If you find a trainer who recommends supplements, walk away fast. When it comes to health gains and fitness in Philadelphia, supplements are not necessary. Workouts are the real deal to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Body Shaming to Motivate

There are hundreds of ways to motivate clients to work out, but the most detrimental way is motivating by body-shaming someone into action. Body shaming often breeds feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and disordered thinking. If a private trainer in Philadelphia uses this tactic, they are not looking out for your best interests for long-term fitness. If a private trainer in Philadelphia belittles your physical appearance, drop them right away. Choose a trainer who motivates you by ensuring you think more constructively and positively about your body and physical ability.

Only Focusing on One Training Style

There’s a wide range of exercise training styles out there. For overall fitness in Philadelphia and health, you should exercise in various ways to challenge the different physical capabilities of your body. This is for endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and more. Based on your fitness goals, you might want to lean slightly more towards a particular training style but do not focus on just one. A private trainer in Philadelphia who does not look at the full picture is not worth your time and money.

Does Not Educate or Empower Clients

There are private trainers in Philadelphia who feel that they should give only enough information to keep clients coming back so they can fill up their schedules and maximize their earnings. Ethically, this is a big flaw. A good trainer should focus on ensuring that you know everything that you should know to become a more active participant in your overall health and fitness. If you are taught well, you’ll be empowered, and you’ll be confident that a trainer has your best interests in mind.

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