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What are Mental Health Services

Oct 29


Most mental health services are mental health programs that are meant to provide mental health help. The goal of mental health services is to help mental illness, mental disorders, mental distress, mental disability, mental impairment, and mental handicap. Mental health services are available at different levels of care for mental illnesses that range from mild to severe. Mental health can be professional or informal. Professionals that offer mental-health related services are psychiatrists near me, psychologists, clinical social workers, nurses with psychiatric certification, registered psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists with psychiatric certification or therapists in clinical pastoral education. Informal mental health care providers are friends and family members who read books on the subject or attend workshops. The mental health service for mental illness can be provided in mental rehabilitation facilities, mental heath clinics, psychiatric hospitals (inpatient).


Mental health treatment is individualized to the needs of the patient. There are different mental health treatment programs for mental illness. The  mental health service tends to be free, but most mental health agencies have a sliding-fee scale which assists with cost.

What are mental disorders?


Mental disorders are the mental problems that interfere with an individual's daily life activities. They are also known as mental illnesses, mental disease, psychiatric conditions or mental impairments. Mental disorder is when thoughts, emotions and behaviors are not just unhealthy, but they don't work properly in social contexts either. The causes of mental disorders can be biological or environmental factors that affect brain function.

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